About Us


Bustamante Coffee is a family roasting business located in Wilmington, NC. We source high quality, ethically sourced coffee (ensuring that the growers are receiving a price for the coffee that allows them to reinvest into their farms and families). We then determine the best possible roasting profile to bring out all the amazing natural flavors of that coffee. Furthermore, we then sell direct-to-consumer via our website & subscription service and wholesale to coffee shops, restaurants and retail stores.

Company Ownership, Professional Associations, & Certifications

Bustamante & Newton Capital is an up-and-running LLC. Guillermo Bustamante, Claudia and Stanley Newton are the managing members of the LLC and Bustamante Coffee. Bustamante Coffee is a member of The Coffee Roasters Guild and The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA).

Because of her personal interest and passion for coffee, Claudia began roasted coffee starting in 2012. She continues to pursue education in coffee roasting, sensory skills, brewing, and general coffee science. She has integrated himself within the Wilmington coffee scene with many coffee professionals.

The company name, Bustamante Coffee, was created  to honor Claudia & Guillermo’s father. Mr. Bustamante was born in Colombia, South America, and a coffee lover.  His father owned a ranch in a little town in the countryside close to Medellín, Antioquia, the region where we get our most exclusive beans. Mr Bustamante also came to the US in 1960 as an immigrant to pursue his dreams of becoming an English professor. He studied at the  Perkins School for the Blind in Boston, Massachusetts and returned to Colombia, had a successful career teaching English for 25 years. He passed away in Jan 2010, leaving behind his wife and 4 children, all entrepreneurs.