Why Manual Coffee Grinders?

Why Manual Coffee Grinders?

Why Manual Coffee Grinders?


Manual coffee grinders start at around $15-20. Electric coffee grinders start quite a bit higher than this. 

By the way, if you see that there are electric coffee grinders for a similar price, or maybe $20-30, these are not coffee grinders. These things have blades. Blades don't grind, they chop, slice and obliterate. This isn't what we want to do to coffee beans if we want nice tasting coffee.


Another reason for having a manual grinder is that they're obviously a lot more portable than powered grinders, and you can grind anywhere, with no electricity required, which makes them the obvious choice for grinding coffee off-grid.

For camping trips, hiking, cycling, fishing, days out on the beach, and so on, all you need is a manual grinder and a source of hot water, and you have the luxury of being able to freshly brew lovely coffee via an equally portable brewer.

Shot Quality:

As well as more bang for your buck in terms of the quality you can get at the same price point for hand coffee grinders vs powered grinders, there are many home Baristas who consider electric grinders to be a case of compromising quality for convenience. 

This is partially down to the level of quality you can get with manual vs electric, i.e. you're not investing in a motor and other components, you're investing 100% in the mechanics of the grinder, meaning you should be getting better burrs, and other mechanical components.

It's also partly down to grinding speed and the coffee beans not being heated by excessive grinding speed, which is something that the more expensive electric grinders have features to combat, such as being geared down.

Noise, or lack of: 

If you're an early riser, or I should say, if you're an earlier riser than the people you live with – grinding with an electric burr grinder first thing in the morning might not make you very popular. Grinding coffee with a hand coffee grinder is a much quieter affair, and is unlikely to wake anyone up. 

A quick note about cost. 

Just keep in mind that when you spend more on a manual coffee grinder, you're usually paying for better coffee, quicker coffee and a more enjoyable experience. 

The grinder in this post will probably be fine for you if this is the case, and this is probably why it's the best selling manual coffee grinder, as so many people just want a cheap grinder for occasional use. 

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